ElectricBrands reveal XBUS S

During a livestream on February 1st, 2024, ElectricBrands unveiled the XBUS S, a smaller and more compact counterpart to the original XBUS which was introduced in July 2021.

ElectricBrands stated, "Whether navigating urban streets or rural areas, the XBUS S offers flexible solutions for modern mobility. Its compact size allows it to easily maneuver through increasingly congested urban traffic."

The preliminary data and specifications for the XBUS S indicate it falls under the L7e category, with a top speed of 83 km/h, a range of 160 km, and a battery capacity of 17.03 kWh. The dimensions of the XBUS S without additional modules attached are listed as 3680 x 1465 x 1685 mm.

Further details, including a release window, are currently unavailable. Crown XBUS is not currently able to provide the XBUS S.

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