XBUS release expected for mid-2025

During a live Q&A stream hosted by ElectricBrands on February 1, 2024, it was revealed that the anticipated release and delivery of the initial XBUS orders are now slated for mid-2025.

ElectricBrands stated, "Our current projection is to introduce the XBUS to the market by mid-2025. We are in ongoing discussions with VDL. Once we have progressed further to finalise the SOP timetable, we will provide additional information on our website and through other channels."

Revealed in July 2021, the XBUS's modular and innovative design quickly gained popularity among enthusiasts. Thus far, ElectricBrands has received over 17,000 pre-orders across Europe. However, the launch timeline has faced several challenges. ElectricBrands attributes the recent postponement to rising development costs and economic downturns.

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