Xbus on tour in Italy

Next stop, Italy.

Following on from its tour in Germany, the Xbus now has its sights on visiting Italy. If you happen to visit one of the tour locations, be sure to share it with us on social!

The Xbus Tour Italy will start on 08.10.2021. At 9 hotspots in 10 days, Electric Brands would like to welcome you and your family, friends and mobility enthusiasts to experience the Xbus live.






NH Hotel Milan 2
Strada Di Olgia Nuova
20090 Segrate MI
08/10/2021 3-7pm


Villa Italia
Via San Marco 51
35129 Padova PD
09/10/2021 13-7pm


Fico Eataly World
Via Paolo Canali 8
40127 Bologna BO
11/10/2021 3-7pm


Tennis Club Prato
Via Firenze 95
59100 Prato PO
12/10/2021 3-7pm


Sheraton Golf Parco De‘ Medici
Via Salvatore Rebecchini 39
00148 Rome RM
13/10/2021 3-7pm


Grand Hotel Vanvitelli
Via Carlo III
81100 San Marco
Evangelista CE
14/10/21 3-7pm


Presso Autoclub SRL
Via Napoli 364
70132 Bari
15/10/2021 3-7pm


Presso Ford Vumbaca Group SPA
Viale Cassiodoro 3
88100 Catanzaro CZ
16/10/2021 3-7pm


The exact address will be announced soon 18/10/2021 10am-7pm

When will the Xbus come to the UK?

If like us, you are based in the UK and are wanting to know if there will be a similar tour for the Xbus here, then keep your eyes peeled to our website and social media, or register your interest with us. As soon as we have any UK locations, dates and times, we will be sure to share them with you as soon as possible!