XBUS Designer Interview Highlights

Design changes & more!

On Wednesday 21st November ElectricBrands released a video interview with the XBUS designer Yaro Yakovlev. We have put together the key XBUS highlights in our own video which can be seen below.
The full 10 minute longe interview is in English and provides additional insights into Yaro's experience and thoughts on working with Electric Brands. The full video can be found here.

XBUS Design Concept.

XBUS design is inspired by the best elements of German design and classic German cars. The goal was to create a simple, friendly, and non-aggressive shape.

Who should buy a XBUS?

The XBUS is for people who appreciate simple and practical vehicles with the features and functions they really need.

It’s also for those who care about the environment and sustainability, and who believe that sustainability is not just a word but an integral part of their lives.

Additionally, the XBUS is for people who enjoy spreading good vibes and kind emotions.

XBUS design updates.

The vehicle will become wider, offer 3 seats in a row instead of 2. It will become slightly longer, higher and flatter at the rear which will make it more practical, this will allow with opportunities to install modules in a simpler manner. All in all, a really good improvement for the concept.

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