XBUS Battery Update

20th April 2022

The below update was supplied by Electric Brands via their social media channels on 20th April 2022:

As announced, we have used the delay in delivery caused by supply chains to optimise the XBUS and are reporting great news today: The concept phase is finished, we can start the series development (industrialisation)! There have been some changes concerning the design, the batteries and the drive system. You will learn more about design and drive very soon. Today we would like to address you with the topic battery.

In the first series of the XBUS, 2/3 of the batteries will be exchangeable, 1/3 fixed, 15 kWh each. This brings us to a total of a full 45 kWh, instead of just 30 kWh as previously stated. This means that a maximum range of 200 km will be possible with the permanently installed battery of the XBUS. With the two optional battery packs, this results in a maximum range of 600 km. In the coming series, the optional batteries of the XBUS will be replaced by smaller battery packs, as originally planned. Anyone who owns the first series of the XBUS will have the opportunity to have this system updated free of charge.