Topgear shares first impression of the Xbus.

The popular automotive news and entertainment outlet Topgear, has shared there first impressions of the Xbus, describing it as "The cutest thing you'll see today".

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"It might just be the most versatile vehicle we’ve ever seen, too."

"A modular setup allows you to build whatever you like onto the back. XBUS offers everything from flat-bed pick-ups through to passenger-carrying buses, big boxy vans or even the cutest campervan you ever did see. You can beef them all up with an off-road option pack, too."

"Solar panels allow it to accrue up to 200km (124 miles) of range, we’re told, while upgrading the battery to a 30kWh unit can bring up to 800km of range. Or just shy of 500 miles, which seems a LOT."

"A game little thing, then. And with a decent price, too. Prices start at around £17,000, rising to a smidge over £30,000 if you want an off-road ready camper like the one below, complete with “fridge, TV, hob, fresh water tank and sink” and a two-metre long sofa.

Cool, huh?

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