Fully Charged Show XBUS Preview

XBUS fans rejoice! Jack from Fully Charged, one of the most prominent electric vehicle YouTube channels, has journeyed to Germany for an in-depth exploration of the XBUS. This comprehensive 14-minute video delves into the essence of the XBUS, shedding light on its classification as a microcar, its unique modular design, and the ingenious battery swapping mechanism.

Jack's insightful commentary guides viewers through the XBUS's interior, highlighting its practical features and minimalist design. Additionally, he unveils the anticipated modifications that will be implemented before the XBUS's global debut.

Watch as Jack discovers the XBUS's potential to revolutionise the urban mobility landscape. Watch the full video below.

The Xbus will be on display at Fully Charged: LIVE Europe, on the 24th-26th November. Tickets available here: https://fullycharged.live/

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