Electricbrands have shared the finalised technical data for the Evetta Prima, confirming it is on schedule to go to the next phase of production, and is on track for it's mid 2023 release.

External dimensions:
Length of the entire vehicle 2,465 mm
Width of the vehicle incl. attachments 1,499 mm
Height of the vehicle 1.470 mm
Turning circle 8 meters

Minimum battery capacity 11 kW/h
Maximum battery capacity 16.2 kWh
Consumption according to WLTP 2 < 90 km/h 6.82 kWh/100km Range according to WLTP 2 < 90 km/h 234 km
Battery technology LiFePo

Weight specifications:
Unladen weight 450 kg
Empty weight incl. battery equipment Max. 645 kg
Permissible maximum weight 850 kg

General specifications:

Number of seats 2
Boot capacity 150 liters
Number of doors 1 access door plus boot (folding roof as emergency exit) Homologation class L7e

Specifications of the drive:
Voltage 48 V
Continuous power 15 kW
Maximum power 20 kW
Torque 300 Nm @ Wheel
Number of gears 1
Acceleration from 0 - 50 km/h 6 seconds
Top speed 90 km/h

The Evetta is available to order with Crown XBUS. Find out more >