ElectricBrands Updates June 2022

In the following video, the team of ElectricBrands AG, talk in detail about all the latest updates of the company and about the current development status of the XBUS, Artega & NITO. Please scroll down for the highlights.

ElectricBrands June Update Video Highlights:

Below we have added the highlights from the video provided above. The updates are in order of appearance.

• XBUS demo stage is complete

• New XBUS, Artega & NITO website in development and coming soon.

• ElectricBrands working in partnership with Italian brand NITO who develop electric bikes and scooters bikes. Products will start being distributed to trade partners in August 2022.

• ElectricBrands to have exclusive distribution right of NITO products and be available via their network.

• ElectricBrands is growing rapidly with over 200 employees by end of June.

• As the name ElectricBrands suggest, they plan to offer a variety of innovative light electric mobility products. The acquisition of Artega and the partnership with NTIO are examples of this.

• Manufacturer is affected by rising prices parts due to global supply chain issues.

• Multiple production sites currently being developed in Germany.

• Concept phase of XBUS completed.

• End goal is for all ElectricBrands products to use the same interchangeable battery eg: XBUS battery can be used in the NITO scooter and vice-versa. This will help the development of battery exchange stations.

• Due to customer demand, XBUS will also include permanent battery as standard offering a capacity of 15 kilowatt hours. Customer can decide how many additional batteries to install.

• Drive system change update:"We have tried everything to find solid stable wheel-integrated drives from all around the world to suit the XBUS perfectly but have not succeeded. We want to build innovative products that work and are not left standing inside workshops because they need to be repaired. So we went back to a proven more classic system. This means we will install a dual motor system motor with a front axle gearbox a motor with a rear axle gearbox which will equip xbus with a robust all wheel drive."

• Improvements in solar panel tech through out development which are being tested. First official figures will be shared soon

• Minor changes to XBUS chases make the interior wider given and allowing more space in the camper by an extra 8-9 cm in lying space.

• XBUS On board software and app to display charging points with integrated Google Maps Plus voice control.

• XBUS phone app being developed.

• Regardless of supply chain issues they believe to be on track for production units to come out next year.

• All XBUS models will not be available at the same time. Rolling out modules with the highest demand, including Camper, Bus, Pickup and Box.

• Dealers expected to have demos by Autumn 2023.

• XBUS could include a rolling demo period to allow certain dealers to have a demo at a time to speed up the process.

• XBUS be delivered to dealers by train where possible or electric truck to reduce emissions.

• Currently no government subsidies though light vehicles are proven to reduce emissions by up to 40%.

• ElectricBrands financed via multiple Crowd campaigns, varies investors, trader partners and dealers contributions. Currently over 800 trading partners across Europe.

• Aim & challenge is to keep the XBUS weight under 600km without batteries. This keeps it classed as a light vehicle and keeping consumer costs down.

• XBUS to measure almost 4 metres long over 1,60 metres wide and almost

• Technically XBUS can pull up to 750 kilos, but the class does not allow it.

• Bike rack can be added.

• Wall box for home charging will be available via dealer.

• Battery and theft protection - Batteries locked with car locking system. Batteries are coded to the XBUS they are registered with, this also applies to interchangeable batteries.

Please note these highlights have been translated from Germany to English so some translation errors. We will update the above following any further updates.