ElectricBrands tease USA XBUS release & bigger model

On 24th August 2022, ElectricBrands asked followers to share questions on their Instagram Story. The XBUS manufacture shared what are probably the most asked questions, including "Will Xbus Come to USA" & "Will there be a bigger model".

Will XBUS Come to USA?

One of, if not the most common messages we receive is, "Will XBUS come to the USA?". Well, it seems we are not alone, as ElectricBrands say it was their most asked question on their Instagram story. When we have been asked the question, our answer has been "There are currently no plans for XBUS to come to the USA". Though fans across the pond now have a little bit of hope to hold on to thanks to EB answering the question with "we are already extending our feelers towards the USA. So it's worth staying tuned!".

Of course the XBUS is yet to reach Europe, which is still planned for a late 2023 / early 2024 launch. Once a successful initial release has been reached and the mass manufacturing process has begun, it looks like XBUS could eventually set course for North America. Though we would not expect it to reach the States until mid / late 2024 at the very earliest, all being well. As EB say in their story.... stay tuned.

Will there be a bigger XBUS model?

Another common question we receive is "will there be a bigger XBUS model?". The XBUS has been designed to be a small, light weight, highly economical and affordable electric car that can do and be many things. Of course, no car can be everything, so some sacrifices must be made. Though categorising the XBUS as an L7e-B2 vehicle means it can be smaller and lighter than a conventional vehicle, thus need less power to push it around. A bigger model will naturally put the price and weight up resulting in lower efficiency. Yet, many have been asking for a bigger version! And it looks like EB has heard the demand and are set to reveal something at IAA in Hannover in September.

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