Electricbrands Press Release

The below press release was shared & translated from the manufacture of XBUS, ElectricBrands | Spring 2022

XBUS manufacturer supply chain update & new models in development.

ElectricBrands develops new models in parallel

Electric vehicle manufacturer ElectricBrands unveiled its highly acclaimed XBUS vehicle in summer 2021. Currently, two versions of the L7e-class light vehicle are already undergoing concrete testing. The next prototype, the Camper, is under construction. Additional products are already under development in parallel.

February 17, 2022 - Actually, it should be ready for purchase this year. But for all interested parties it is "be patient". The new XBUS light electric vehicle will be launched into the market with a slight delay. The automotive industry is currently facing major challenges, and so does Electric Brands. Global supply chains are not functioning properly due to the Corona pandemic. Among other things, labor shortages, supply bottlenecks and production capacities are causing delays in almost all sectors. Despite these aggravated conditions, the German company ElectricBrands will launch its pre-pandemic developed modular vehicle XBUS.

Set out to change

CEO Martin Henne explains how the company is dealing with this challenge: "Three years ago, we set out to change mobility for the long term. We will not give up on that, even in the pandemic. We are using the time to make further improvements in the development and production of the XBUS. Because the fact remains that CO2 reduction in the mobility of the future remains one of the top priority goals."

Reduce carbon footprint, also for suppliers

For production in Germany, the components are delivered pre-manufactured and then brought together in final assembly. For this, ElectricBrands was able to get suppliers on board who comply with all requirements for short delivery routes, sustainability and recyclability. To ensure that it doesn't just pay lip service, ElectricBrands pays close attention to reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible. According to ElectricBrands CEO Martin Henne, the company wants to develop products that are energy-efficient, economical, and thus require little battery capacity.

More tests than prescribed

Among other things, ElectricBrands intends to use the delay for significantly more tests than prescribed in the L7e class. The manufacturer will also conduct crash tests and will publish the results afterwards. ElectricBrands will install active and passive safety systems in the XBUS, such as a crash box, roll bar and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system. Martin Henne: "Especially against the backdrop of the worldwide supplier issue, it is even more important for us to focus on extremely high quality. We take advantage of this opportunity."

XBUS 1 and XBUS 2 – the first prototypes of the acclaimed new light electric vehicle. Foto: ElectricBrand
XBUS 1 and XBUS 2 – the first prototypes of the acclaimed new light electric vehicle. Foto: ElectricBrand

Video update from ElectricBrands

XBUS Updates 2022 - Dealers, Development, Launch & FAQs

The team of ElectricBrands AG around CEO Martin Henne talks in detail about all the latest updates of the company and of course about the current development status of the XBUS.

About ElectricBrands

ElectricBrands AG is a German manufacturer of electric vehicles based in Schleswig-Holstein. The company was founded in 2020 in Hesse, Germany, before moving its headquarters to its planned production site in Itzehoe in May 2021. ElectricBrands' first product is the XBUS, a light electric vehicle in the L7E class, which has already been under development since 2018. The first prototype of the XBUS was presented to the global public in July 2021.

ElectricBrands develops sustainable electric vehicles with high usability for different customer groups. Special features are efficient drive systems, the integration of solar cells, the interchangeable system for battery modules and the different module setups, which the customer can change independently. In this way, ElectricBrands aims to define the mobility of the future.

ElectricBrands has a comprehensive dealer and service network in Europe and will expand this worldwide in the near future.