#2 ElectricBrands Interviews - Finance

On 9th November 2022, ElectricBrands shared the second episode in their 'ElectricBrands interviews' series. This time presented by CFO René Macher and featuring questions and answers regarding finance. The questions and answers can be seen below followed by the Youtube video with English Subtitles.

How is ElectricBrands Financed?

ElectricBrands includes 4 different income pillars. Including, Private investors who have invested in EB & the idea over time, Crowd Funding Loans Generated from the community, Dealer licences to sell a vehicle in a defined area & reservation fees

Will the price of the XBUS Change?

ElectricBrands have been able to secure prices of goods upfront with its contracted manufacturer. Though due to the rise of inflation of 10% +, prices may need to be adjusted within those frameworks.

Is my deposit for the XBUS secure?

The finances of Electric Brands is based upon 4 different income pillars, plus in addition they have a German bank involved with them and the co-operation of a European manufacturer. Unlike many other start up companies, the finances of XBUS are supported by many different areas and effectively this gives XBUS appreciable security.

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