#4 ElectricBrands Interviews - Market philosophy / Dealers

On 16th December 2022, ElectricBrands shared the forth episode in their 'ElectricBrands interviews' series. This time presented by presented by CEO and Founder Ralf Haller, talking about their market philosophy. In other words: Why do XBUS dealers already exist, even though there is no XBUS yet? The questions and answers can be seen below followed by the Youtube video with English Subtitles.

Why are there XBUS Dealers?

XBUS is a vehicle with a high degree of modularity, which means EB wants customers to get advice & delivery of parts locally, as well as enjoy a simple sales & servicing progress.

Do I order my XBUS from the dealer or from ElectricBrands?

Ordering from Crown XBUS means we will always do the quality control, handover & aftercare. You will have access to our sales & service team who have received multiple awards for their friendly & professional approach as a trusted dealer with over 20 years experience. 

Will there be XBUS dealers outside of Europe?

Yes! EB is in the process of negotiations with non-European countries, & preparing production to serve these markets.

If English subtitles do not appear, please go to the video on Youtube & select Closed Captions followed by English subtitles under the videos settings. Watch the video on YouTube >

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