#3 ElectricBrands Interviews - Configurator

On 23rd November 2022, ElectricBrands shared the third episode in their 'ElectricBrands interviews' series. This time presented by COO Hans Stryewski featuring questions and answers regarding the new XBUS online configurator. The questions and answers can be seen below followed by the Youtube video with English Subtitles.

What’s next with the configurator?

The new online XBUS configurator will be available mid summer 2023. It will allow customers to select & customise many aspects of their XBUS before finalising their order.

When will Electircbrands launch their new website?

A new official Electricbrands website will launch early next year, combining the XBUS & Evetta under one website.

In what order will the XBUS be delivered?

When production starts, XBUS will be delivered across every market in Europe in strict chronological order. The earlier you order one, the sooner you will be driving it!

If English subtitles do not appear, please go to the video on Youtube & select Closed Captions followed by English subtitles under the videos settings. Watch the video on YouTube >

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