Request your Xbus reservation with Crown today!

So that you can be amongst the first to take delivery of your new Xbus, we have now finalised the information on how to reserve your Xbus with us.
We have also put together the below video, showing the steps that we take to reserve your Xbus. Be sure to give it a watch!

Reserving your Xbus is simple:

1. Firstly visit the Module Explore & Reserve page and fill out the enquiry form for the Xbus module that you are interested in.

2. We will then follow you up with either a call or email to confirm your information and also answer any questions you may have. If you wish to reserve an Xbus, we will then arrange an online video appointment.

3. On the requested date and time, we will walk you through the Xbus online configurator answering any additional questions that you may have along the way. On the site we are able to configure your new Xbus with some initial optional extras. To reserve your production place, Electric Brands will require a reservation fee of 10% of the net purchase price of your Crown Xbus order (plus VAT). Electric Brands will separately email you an invoice for the reservation fee.

Explore & Reserve

Reservation and release date update (Spring 2022)

In March 2022 the Manufacture of XBUS, Electric Brands announced that the XBUS will be delayed until 2023. The below Q&A was supplied by Electric Brands:

Is my reservation number affected by the delivery delay?

As the start of the entire production is postponed, every production or reservation number is affected. Of course, your production slot will remain, so you will still be among the first to receive your XBUS.

Is my deposit already paid safe?

Of course your deposit is safe. We are simply postponing the start of production in light of the current supply chain and supplier issues in the market. In addition, we are using the time to further improve the XBUS in the areas of safety, driveability and technology.

Accordingly, despite the postponement, our financing is based on solid and serious building blocks. So we can safely say that your deposit is still secure.

When can I cancel my order?

In accordance with the Distance Selling Act, you can cancel your order within 14 days of order confirmation. You can also cancel your order in the final configurator.

Regardless of the delay, we are working at full speed on our new configurator, which will go online before the end of the year.

In the final configurator, you will then be able to configure your final XBUS, taking into account the deposit you have already paid. If you decide to cancel the XBUS, you can cancel your order and get your deposit back minus a £150 handling fee.

When will the final configurator go online?

The final configurator will go online later this year.

Since we are making very extensive changes and improvements in the area of the digital representation of the vehicle, we are not yet able to announce a final date.

However, we assume that the final configurator will be activated for you in the summer of this year.

What technical improvements will be made?

In order to offer you the best vehicle in its class, we will use the time of delay to optimise the XBUS in the following areas:

- Quality

- drivetrain

- Chassis

- Safety systems

We have already started with the optimisations and can already share our first findings. The revision of the chassis in combination with an up-graded drive concept will significantly improve driveability, especially at high speeds. We will also now carry out safety tests and publish the results of these.

As soon as the development / optimisation of the individual areas has been finalised, we will be pleased to inform all our customers about this via our usual communication channels.

What are the reasons for the delay?

There are various reasons for the delay. On the one hand, there is the micro-chip issue, which is well known in all industries, and on the other hand, the issue of supply chains. Of course, the challenges of the opaque COVID pandemic have also contributed a great deal to the delay.

However, we decided to use the time effectively to optimise the XBUS in many areas. Thus, despite these unprecedented challenges, there is still a major sense of drive among us to bring you the best quality product.

Why was the delay not communicated earlier?

It was not clear until recently that we would actually be unable to meet our schedule. We held discussions with many partners to come to a transparent and have made this serious decision now.

We have chosen our decision and our timetable in such a way that we can keep to it even if more and other challenges arise in the future.

After having postponed the delivery date several times, how can we now guarantee that we will meet the newly set target?

We are much further forward today than we were last year. Before, we could only rely on theoretical statements from partners and feasibility studies. Now that we have two prototypes and developmental vehicles, we can draw on our own experience to set up and keep to a solid time schedule. In addition, our Company has grown considerably in the last six months and have been able to add more experienced staff to our team in order to bring the XBUS to market with the greatest quality and perfection.

What happens once I have reserved?

Approximately three months before the start of your production date, Electric Brands will activate your final configurator. At this point you will receive a link so you can confirm your model, colour and specification of your new Xbus. There you can also choose between cash payment, financing and leasing. Your reservation fee will be deducted in full from the purchase price.

If you have any questions please contact us on or call 02082004040

Why reserve with Crown?

There a multiple of reasons why you should reserve your Xbus with Crown Xbus. Here's a few:

Official Xbus Dealership

We are an official Xbus dealership and service centre, covering London & the Home Counties.

Trusted Dealer

We are known locally as a trusted Honda and Suzuki dealership, with over 20 years of experience.

Expert & Friendly Staff

Our sales team have received multiple awards for their friendly and professional approach. They are here to help you find your next perfect car, not to SELL you a car.

Stay updated

Reserving with Crown Xbus means we will keep you updated with personalised emails and news as new information becomes available to us.

Be amongst the first to own the Xbus

Reserving your Xbus now will prioritise you for both test drives and owning one when it is launched late 2023.

Reserve with confidence

Once reserved, if your personal circumstances have changed or you no longer prefer the chosen configuration, you can completely reconfigure your Xbus in the final configurator or even cancel it. You are not bound by your original reservation. In the event of a cancellation, you will of course receive your reservation fee back (minus the processing fee of £150).