Xbus Frequently Asked Question

The Xbus has a lot of exciting and innovative features. Since it is such a new concept, it also comes with many questions.
To help, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below. We will be updating this page as more information becomes available.

XBUS Updates March 2023

Electricbrands have shared XBUS, Evetta and more timeline updates in the latest video shared on their social media pages. The video also includes more information in their partnership with one of Europe's largest car manufactures VDL Nedcar which was announced on 15/2/23.

For your convenience we have added our own video featuring the highlights, in English, which can be seen here in our latest video.

XBUS Camper First Look & Walkaround | Video

The video follows Samson's July trip to Göttingen in Germany, to see one of ElectricBrand's new factories where XBUS will be manufactured. Also, ElectricBrands have recently added Evetta & Nito to their range and some of these exciting products where also on show at the event. The most popular XBUS Module, the Camper, was on show for the first time. In our new video we take you through an in-depth walkaround and look at the exterior and interior features of this cute little camper!

Xbus General FAQ's

General information for the Xbus, including release date and more. The following FAQ's have been provided by the manufacture.

Where can I test drive the XBUS?

An extensive test drive is only possible once your ElectricBrands partner has demonstration vehicles. We produce our prototypes for development purposes, so a test drive with our prototypes is unfortunately not possible.

Where can I see the XBUS?

ElectricBrands will present the XBUS throughout Europe at planned roadshows, exhibitions and trade fairs. We will inform you about participation in exhibitions and trade fairs on our social media channels and on our website. Since we are currently still in the development phase, numerous partners do not have any vehicles yet.

When will the XBUS be available?

The XBUS is expected to be available in Europe from early 2025.

When will the XBUS be available worldwide?

The goal is to provide the XBUS as soon as possible after the market launch in Europe. Further details to follow shortly.

When will the XBUS be available in USA & Canada?

There are currently no official plans to launch the XBUS in USA or Canada. Further details to follow.

Are there any demo XBUS's to test drive or to view?

No we currently do not have an XBUS to view or to test drive. We expect to be able to offer test drives late 2024.

In which homologation class does the XBUS belong?

The XBUS is in homologation class L7e-B2 until further notice. More info >

Is L7e-B2 an existing category in the UK and is any special dispensation needed for the vehicle to be sold or operated on UK roads?

It is a European standard which is qualified for the UK. Nothing else will be required to use them on the UK roads. More info >

Is the XBUS eligible to tax and VAT?

There is no car Tax and all prices are inclusive of VAT.

Will the vehicle be eligible for government grant?

This is still to be confirmed.

Will Crown Xbus offer Xbus Aftersale Products & Service?

Yes. Crown Xbus will be a fully authorised Xbus Service Centre as well as offering Aftersales parts & accessories.

Will the Xbus be right hand drive?

We expect the UK model to be right hand drive displaying Miles Per Hour.

I live in the UK but outside of North West London & surrounding areas, can Crown deal with my reservation?

Of course we would love to help and take you through the reservation process. Though there are some conditions to this. Please contact us by replying to this email.

I live outside of the UK, can I order an XBUS and have it shipped?

Unfortunately we are currently not in a position to help with this. Please keep an eye on out for future potential updates from the Manufacture regarding XBUS world wide distribution.

How can I find an ElectricBrands partner near me?

You can find your nearest ElectricBrands partner via the dealer search at https://electricbrands.de/en/retailersearch/. When you enter your country and your postal code, your current closest ElectricBrands partner will be displayed immediately.

Since when has the XBUS been developed?

We started with the first design projects approx. three years ago and continuously optimised the vehicle concept. On 7 July 2020, we presented our first prototype and then started testing and optimising it.

In addition, we showed the first prototypes to our partners and customers at roadshows in Germany, Italy and France. We were able to get numerous experience examples and opinions from future users to incorporate them directly into the development of the second prototype.

The second prototype was completed at the beginning of November and represents the second evolutionary stage of development for us. Our next task is to ensure exceptional quality.

We are currently working on the technical and qualitative optimisation of the entire vehicle as well as on the development of our third prototype with the camper module.

When will production of the XBUS start?

Due to the current supplier situation and the associated development and production processes, we are currently working on a valid schedule to give you an expected time window for the start of production as soon as possible.

What warranty will the XBUS have?

The XBUS will have a two-year warranty. This covers both the vehicle and the battery modules. This can be extended for up to ten years at an additional cost. By using the battery replacement system, you also have the guarantee of always having fully functional battery modules.

​Xbus Specs FAQ's

Frequently asked questions for the Xbus Specifications. For the full list of Xbus Specs click here >

How many seats does the XBUS have?

Depending on the module, the XBUS will have two to four seats with seat belts. Due to the homologation guidelines, we are currently limited to three seats that can be occupied. However, EB is working hard to obtain approval for all four seats. 

How many people can the XBUS carry?

Due to the L7e-B2 Class, XBUS currently can legally carry up to 3 people, including the driver.

Will there be a larger version?

Work on additional product versions is already underway with information to follow shortly.

What is to top speed of the XBUS?

Since we produce a light vehicle and not an automobile, the maximum speed is 100 km/h for safety reasons. Should new conditions arise during the development process, the maximum speed will be adapted accordingly. 

Will the Xbus feature regenerative braking?

Yes. This can be controlled by using levers behind the steering wheel.

Will the XBUS have a trailer hitch?

A trailer hitch will be available as an option. How high the tensile load will be can only be determined after the prototyping is completed.

Will there be a bicycle carrier?

A bicycle carrier will be optionally available.

Will there be a roof rack?

There will be various roof rack systems in the future, which are expected to range from a conventional luggage rack to a roof box. We will provide information on the static and dynamic roof load in a timely manner.

​Will there be other accessories for the XBUS?

You can already discover a small selection of accessories in the “Light” configurator under "Optionals" (https://electricbrands.de/en/configurator/ ). This and a few more, will be available as options in our final configurator, including a corresponding price list.

Will the Xbus have a standard type 2 connector?

​Yes, as well as a standard 13 amp 3 pin plug.

What is the difference between the standard version and the off-road version?

​The difference between the standard and the off-road version is the latter's higher ground clearance (4-6 cm), as well as a modified higher chassis, including adapted suspension tuning.

How many people is the rear bench designed for?

​A bench seat legally accommodate up to two people.

What are the dimensions of the XBUS?

The XBUS is expected to have the following dimensions:
Length: 3,945 mm
Width of standard chassis: 1,630 mm; Off-road chassis: 1,690 mm
Height of standard chassis: 1,920 mm; Off-road chassis: 1,970 mm
We are currently finalising this information as part of series development. More detailed information will follow soon. 

What materials is the XBUS made of?

THE XBUS is made from materials such as natural fibres, composites, aluminium, steel, wood and recyclable plastics. As a result, we achieve a recyclability of more than 95%. 

Will the XBUS have heating and air conditioning?

The XBUS has automatic heating and optional air conditioning. The vehicle will automatically preheat the interior and the batteries via solar power and when it is plugged into a socket or charging station above a certain temperature. This can be set via the APP. The same applies to the air conditioning in summer, if this has been ordered.

How big will the wheelbase of the XBUS be?

The wheelbase is expected to be approx. 2200 mm.

How big will the track width of the XBUS be?

 The XBUS is designed with the following track widths:
Standard chassis: Front: 1,350 mm; Rear: 1,280 mm
Off-road chassis: Front: 1,410 mm; Rear: 1,350 mm

How big will the overhang of the XBUS be?

 The overhang is expected to be approx. 960 mm at the front and approx. 780 mm at the rear. This can vary depending on the module and accessories.

What size will the tyres on the XBUS be?

The standard tyre size is 185/75 R16.

What will the slope angle be for the XBUS?

The slope angle of the standard version is expected to be 26 degrees at the front and 41 degrees at the rear. The off-road version is expected to be 31 degrees at the front and 41 degrees at the rear.

What ramp angle will the XBUS have?

The ramp angle of the standard version is expected to be 31 degrees. The off-road version is expected to have a 40 degree ramp angle.

What loading height will the XBUS have?

The loading height is expected to be approx. 950 mm for the standard model and approx. 1,000 mm for the off-road model.

How does the extraordinary high torque results come about?

By using modern electrified drive technology, a significantly higher torque is achieved than in conventional drives with an internal combustion engine.

Xbus Modules FAQ's

Frequently asked questions​ for the Xbus modules.  For the full list of Xbus Specs click here >

What is the price difference between the standard and the off-road version?

​The price difference between the two variants is expected to be approximately €2,200. 

What do the individual modules cost?

Each module is expected to cost between approximately £1,200 and £ 17,000. To facilitate a simple module change, we will offer you different leasing options via the trade of the individual modules. Details will be provided as soon as they become available. 

Can the individual modules be changed?

 You can always adapt the XBUS to your needs and change the modules without special tools. Depending on the size, structure and weight of the module, your ElectricBrands partner can help you with the change. 

Is it possible to rent modules?

The modules can be rented from dealers.

Does the Camper module have a pop-up roof?

The Camper module will have a pop-up roof that reaches a height of 2.20m.

How big will the bed in the Camper Module be?

The bed will have a lying surface of about L210cm x W130cm.

What equipment will the Camper Module have?

The camper module is expected to include a reclining area, a kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator, hotplate, fresh water and grey water tanks.

Does the camper module feature storage options?

Yes, there will be storage options, the exact capacity will follow shortly.

How does the Camper Module allow air exchange?

The windows in the front and in the middle of the camper module can be opened. The pop-up roof will have a ventilation function that enables climate exchange.

What is the loading volume of the respective modules?

Since we are currently still in the development phase, we are not yet able to make any valid statements about the internal dimensions of the cargo spaces and loading areas. However, we design the modules with the following loading volumes:

Bus: folded seats 2770 litres with bench seat 2300 litres

Tipper: only loading area 1140 litres

Box: 6430 litres

Transporter: 2500 litres plus approx. 260 litres average module foot space

Pickup Bus: only loading area 480 litres

Pick Up: only loading area 1150 litres

Cabrio & Camper: not yet displayable

Xbus battery & charging FAQ's

Frequently asked questions regarding the Xbus battery and charging capabilities. For more information on batteries & charing Xbus, click here >

What is the battery system?

The XBUS will have a variable battery system. Based on the experience gained from many test kilometres with our prototypes, we are currently optimising the overall concept. Further details can be found in our newsletter. We currently assume that 5 kWh will cost approx. €2,000.

What charing facilities will there be?

The XBUS can be charged via household electricity, at a wallbox, public charging stations (type 2, 11 kW), via a battery exchange at our battery exchange stations and, of course, via the integrated solar roof. Find out more >

How long will it take to charge the XBUS?

Depending on the battery, charging on a 230 V socket takes approx. 3 – 6 hours. Since you can also charge the XBUS on a wallbox and public charging stations with a type 2 plug, the charging time is shortened according to the power supply.

How heavy is a battery module?

The weight of a battery module will be approx. 10 kilograms. We are currently finalising this information as part of series development. More detailed information will follow soon.

Will there be a socket in the XBUS?

The XBUS will have a 230V socket.

Is it possible to rent battery modules?

The battery modules can be rented for a variable period of time both at our ElectricBrands partners and at one of our battery replacement stations.

Where do the battery modules come from?

Our mission is to keep the value chain sustainable in the regions in which the XBUS is produced. When selecting our suppliers, we therefore attach great importance to spatial proximity and sustainability. Thus, we have cooperations with leading German and European manufacturers.

How is an appropriate battery disposal ensured?

We already attach importance to a high recyclability in the selection process of the batteries. In addition, we will work with cooperation partners such as power storage farms, which use the battery modules to store electricity temporarily from wind and solar energy. These will then be recycled by special companies.

Is the solar roof optional or standard?

The solar roof is integrated as standard for each module, depending on the size of the roof surface. The final performance figures are not yet clear, but we are aiming for a charging performance of approx. 600 W. We are currently finalising this information as part of series development. More detailed information will follow soon.

How does the range come about?

The lightweight design of the XBUS in combination with the integrated solar roof and an efficient and innovative drive concept makes it possible to design a vehicle with low fuel consumption in combination with a comparatively long range.

Xbus battery & charging

Xbus Safety Features FAQ's

What safety systems will the XBUS be equipped with?

The XBUS will feature an integrated crash box. The rollover capable cabin makes it the safest light vehicle available today. In future we are already planning integrations of active safety systems like ESC, blind spot and hill start assist, etc., as well as passive safety systems such as airbag and headrests, among others – even where those are not required for light vehicles.

How are the batteries protected in the event of a rear impact?

The batteries are equipped with protected deformation zones and thus slide only slightly to the side or forward in the accommodated area.

Will the XBUS have Isofix?

The XBUS is expected to have Isofix, and whether it will be available as standard or as an option is still pending. 

Are crash tests performed with the XBUS?

Crash tests are not necessary for approval in this class. However, we will still do this and share the results with you.

Xbus Reservation FAQ's

In March 2022 the Manufacture of XBUS, Electric Brands announced that the XBUS will be delayed until 2023. The below Q&A was supplied by Electric Brands:

What is the price difference between the standard and the off-road version?

​​The price difference between the standard and the off-road version is expected to be around £2,200.

​How does the current ordering process work?

​Currently, you have the option of configuring your XBUS in advance in the “Light” configurator and thus secure your production spot. In this case, we will delivery chronologically according to the receipt of the reservation sequence. For more information visit our reservation page. As soon as the final configurator has been activated, you can bindingly configure and order your XBUS there, taking into account the reservation fee already paid. 

When can I configure the XBUS in my country?

We are working hard to provide you with the possibility of configuration and reservation in your country as soon as possible. Please be patient if your country is not already included; we will notify you immediately as soon as the XBUS is available in other countries. 

Can I already order my final XBUS today?

If your life situation has changed in the meantime, or you no longer like your chosen pre-configuration, you can completely reconfigure or cancel your XBUS in the final configurator. You are not bound by your original reservation. In the event of a cancellation, you will of course receive your reservation fee (minus €150 processing fee) back. 

​Can I cancel my reservation?

​Of course, you have the option of cancelling the reservation within the statutory cancellation period of 14 (fourteen) days after we have received the reservation.

Can I still change my mind when making my reservation?

In our “Light” configurator, you can save your production spot with a preliminary configuration. You can then make a final configuration of your XBUS later in the final configurator and of course change your mind. 

​What funding options are there?

There will be the possibility of cash payment, financing or leasing and various subscription models. PCP & HP costs & lengths are still to be confirmed. View Options >

​Is my reservation number affected by the delivery delay?

As the start of the entire production is postponed, every production or reservation number is affected. Of course, your production slot will remain, so you will still be among the first to receive your XBUS.

Is my deposit already paid safe?

Of course your deposit is safe. We are simply postponing the start of production in light of the current supply chain and supplier issues in the market. In addition, we are using the time to further improve the XBUS in the areas of safety, driveability and technology.

Accordingly, despite the postponement, our financing is based on solid and serious building blocks. So we can safely say that your deposit is still secure.

When can I cancel my order?

In accordance with the Distance Selling Act, you can cancel your order within 14 days of order confirmation. You can also cancel your order in the final configurator.

Regardless of the delay, we are working at full speed on our new configurator, which will go online before the end of the year.

In the final configurator, you will then be able to configure your final XBUS, taking into account the deposit you have already paid. If you decide to cancel the XBUS, you can cancel your order and get your deposit back minus a £150 handling fee.

When will the final configurator go online?

 We are currently working on a completely new website with the integrated final configurator. The focus is on user-friendliness for you as our customer and the associated digital product experience. This involves very large far-reaching changes and optimisations, which is why we are unable to communicate a final date at this time. However, we are working to ensure that the final configurator will be unlocked for you this summer. 

What technical improvements will be made?

In order to offer you the best vehicle in its class, we will use the time of delay to optimise the XBUS in the following areas:

- Quality

- drivetrain

- Chassis

- Safety systems

We have already started with the optimisations and can already share our first findings. The revision of the chassis in combination with an up-graded drive concept will significantly improve driveability, especially at high speeds. We will also now carry out safety tests and publish the results of these.

As soon as the development / optimisation of the individual areas has been finalised, we will be pleased to inform all our customers about this via our usual communication channels.

What are the reasons for the delay?

There are various reasons for the delay. On the one hand, there is the micro-chip issue, which is well known in all industries, and on the other hand, the issue of supply chains. Of course, the challenges of the opaque COVID pandemic have also contributed a great deal to the delay.

However, we decided to use the time effectively to optimise the XBUS in many areas. Thus, despite these unprecedented challenges, there is still a major sense of drive among us to bring you the best quality product.

Why was the delay not communicated earlier?

It was not clear until recently that we would actually be unable to meet our schedule. We held discussions with many partners to come to a transparent and have made this serious decision now.

We have chosen our decision and our timetable in such a way that we can keep to it even if more and other challenges arise in the future.

After having postponed the delivery date several times, how can we now guarantee that we will meet the newly set target?

We are much further forward today than we were last year. Before, we could only rely on theoretical statements from partners and feasibility studies. Now that we have two prototypes and developmental vehicles, we can draw on our own experience to set up and keep to a solid time schedule. In addition, our Company has grown considerably in the last six months and have been able to add more experienced staff to our team in order to bring the XBUS to market with the greatest quality and perfection.

Are down payments secured?

To ensure the security of the down payment, we have prepared a sound financial plan. In combination with a revised product development plan as well as a production plan, it is significantly ensured that the XBUS will soon have its market launch, albeit with a delay.

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