How to Charge Xbus

The innovation that makes Xbus so unique, goes beyond it's modular design.
To keep you moving, we have integrated 4 ways for users to charge the Xbus. Including you own personal home charger, fast charging,
solar power and exchanging your depleted battery for a fully charged one. View these options in more detail below.

Home Charging​

Charge at Home using your standard house hold plug.

Fast Charging

Charge at one of 1000s of universal fast chargers, found across the country.​


The Xbus has solar panels integrated in to the drivers chassis as standard. It can generate up to an additional 125 miles of range.

Exchange your battery

Or swap your depleted battery for a fully charged one in a matter of minutes at battery exchange stations. Click here for more information.

Xbus battery modules battery station

Xbus Exchange Stations

Introducing our battery exchange stations.

These are planned to be located in key areas across the country. Here you can recharge your batteries around the clock and be sure to always have fully charged battery packs. Of course alternatively, you can also recharge your Xbus at any household socket or (quick) charging station.

Xbus Battery Storage

Battery modules are stored in the rear chassis so they can easily be accessed by the owner to swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones.

Xbus battery modules power

Xbus Battery Modules

The basic package includes 8 battery modules at 1.25 kWh each, which provides a range of approx. 124 miles.

For extended range you can purchase:

• 4 pieces battery pack at 1.25 kwh max 16 Batteries - Expected price is £1,600 including VAT

• Full range Battery package will also be available including 16 additional battery packs for 20 kwh - Expected price is £5,550 Including VAT

Renting of batteries will also be available. Please keep an eye on this page as we will update it as more information becomes available to us.

For more information on Xbus batteries visit our FAQ page >

XBUS battery video - First Look

For a glimpse of the XBUS's replaceable battery compartment, be sure to give the video a watch. It also offers quick look at the roofs solar panels and 200km range. Plus the possibility of using the XBUS for your business.