An introduction to ElectricBrands​

ElectricBrands AG is a German manufacturer of electric vehicles based in Schleswig-Holstein. The company was founded in 2020 in Hesse before moving its company headquarters to the planned production site in Itzehoe in May 2021. ElectricBrands' first product is the XBUS, a light electric vehicle in the L7e class, which has already been in development since 2018. The first prototype of the XBUS was presented to the global public in July 2021.

ElectricBrands develops sustainable electric vehicles offering great versatility across different customer groups. Special features are efficient drive systems, the integration of solar cells, the interchangeable system for battery modules and the different module superstructures, which the customer can interchange themselves unassisted. In this way, ElectricBrands aims to define the mobility of the future.

ElectricBrands boasts a comprehensive dealer and service network in Europe and plans to expand this worldwide in the near future.

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